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Welcome to Frog Mouse Studio!

Frog Mouse Studio is a small hand-dyed yarn company based in Groningen, the Netherlands. Bright and happy colours are key at Frog Mouse Studio though there is always space for a nice neutral as well!

Working with hand-dyed yarns:

Hand-dyed yarns are very special to work with, they give beautiful effects to your knitting and crochet and can help you create the most beautiful pieces. There are, however, a few things to keep in mind when you work with these beautiful yarns!

  • First of all, the yarn comes in a hank, rather than a ball like you are used to at the yarn store. Make sure that you wind the hank into a ball or cake yourself before you start knitting, or you will end up with a tangled mess. You can either do this with a yarn winder and a swift, or, if you do not have these, you can stretch the yarn over the backs of chairs, or over your knees, and wind it by hand!
  • I do my best to wash every single yarn before selling, but there is a chance that the yarn will let go of some leftover dye when during the first couple of washes. Don’t be scared, this is completely normal!
  • If you order skeins of the same colour, there is still a chance they might be a little bit different, even in the same dye pan, the yarn will not always end up exactly the same, it is therefore always a good idea to alternate between skeins (switch every few rows), or do helical knitting (you can look this up on youtube!). This guarantees that your knit piece looks cohesive and does not have any weird colour differences!

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