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Frog Mouse Studio

The Neon Edit "Safety Vest" in Silk Mohair

The Neon Edit "Safety Vest" in Silk Mohair

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Welcome to the Neon Edit! The brightest colours possible, and all of them glow underneath a blacklight!

All colours in this line are dyed to order, so all your skeins will be from the same dye bath to guarantee a colour that is as consistent as possible.

Frog Mouse Silk Mohair is a fluffy and soft combination of mohair and silk that is perfect for knitting together with another yarn to make your projects extra fluffy and add a little bit of strength. It can also be used on its own to create a fabric that is light and drapey but is still warm and strong. 

  • 72% Mohair & 28% Silk
  • 50g = 420 m 
  • Lace weight
  • Hand wash only, dry flat
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